mandag den 2. marts 2009


Strikker rødt

Rød gym-bold

Vores røde bus

Rød tomatpuré til aftenens mad

Rød forårsjakke
Rødt yndlingsslik
RØD fingermaling

5 kommentarer:

Dawn sagde ...

Love the red hands!
What fun!

Lynn sagde ...

I love the finger painting hands!

Judy sagde ...

I really love that last photo.

Floss sagde ...

Great photos - it's true, the hands are the winner! I'm loving this Colour Week, and the chance to find so many lovely blogs. A bientot from France!

mortil9 sagde ...

Dear Dawn, Lynn, Judy and Floss - tank you so much for your comments - it WAS great fun with that fingerpainting - but also a little bit wild for me... the kids enjoyed it for a looooong time, though! And the cleaning afterwards did'nt take that long anyway... ;0)